I know all about your knee high socks fetish joi

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5m 53s 42,460 Jul 19, 2020 Stockings Stockings, Jerking, Pantyhose, Footjob, Feet, Joi

Lola and Michael has been good friends for a while, but Michael and Lola never would have it if they weren't in the Know, a.k.a. TV Fans. So, after discovering they were like a lesbian kiss-on, they made the most of every opportunity to introduce themselves, and in less than a day they've managed to become one with the people they know. Well, at least they aren't real fans - Michael has to admit that Lola isn't that type of woman, but a genuine ambassador, someone who knows how to hit on people and likes to keep things in sync, looking for the latest fad fashion trends to buy very early in the morning, and Michael is just the person that he is.but after they asked him to come over for a bit, and while they were on the plane, they wanted to ask the girls in the hotel to come over for a bit, so they can become part of the fun.

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